Practical, Pragmatic, Impactful Programmes at IIS Global

IIS Global is a life-changing journey. Join us to experience the world-class teaching and the exciting exchange of ideas that makes us stand out. The IIS experience will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Our programmes cover selected areas of technology, business and design. IIS reviews the programmes regularly, ensuring that our partners acquire up-to-date requisite skills in business, technology, design.

Basic Programmes

Innovative Business Essentials

Innovative Business Essentials (IBE) is our basic 3 months residential programme at Ikere-Ekiti.

You learn the complete basics, everything you need to become a player in the new, global economy.

What you are learning:


  • Introduction to programming principles
  • Introduction to Frontend development
  • WordPress


  • Introduction to design principles
  • Design concept
  • Mastery of 2 Design tools (i.e Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Illustrator etc)


  • Introduction to modern entrepreneurship
  • Innovative Business models 101
  • Digital Marketing 101

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Intermediate Programmes

Our intermediate programmes are residential programmes that take at least 6 months to complete. The programmes focus on innovative product development and advanced marketing framework that works in Africa.

The methods taught are based on our local research. This is research-driven training at its best.


  • Introduction to Algorithm
  • PHP/Python/Java
  • Mysql Database
  • Laravel/DJango
  • GIT
  • SCRUM/AGILE Principles
  • Cloud Deployment


  • Introduction to UX/UI
  • Understanding and interpreting Mockups
  • Bootstrap


  • Startup Launchpad
  • Product Development
  • Pricing
  • Ecommerce
  • Advanced Marketing kit
  • Marketplace Leadership

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Executive Education: Bootcamps and MasterClass

IIS's Executive Education and management training programmes empowers and equips individuals and organisations for peak performance, and higher levels of innovative thinking.

This takes various forms, like single day Innovation Masterclasses or week long Innovation Bootcamps.

These programmes are non-residential and we make it a point of duty to take them from city-to-city, across Africa.

Practical, Impactful Innovators from Africa and on to the world

The Foundry is not a training programme in the real sense of the word. It is not about information transfer, it is more about implementation.

The sole aim of The Foundry is to train a new breed of African Technopreneurs who will have enough skills, tenacity, courage and power to build companies that can actually compete on a global scale.

We decided to start The Foundry because we realised that most African innovators are badly equipped for global relevance.

You will not just learn about software development, various programming languages (Java, Python, PHP, C etc) and hardware design, engineering and current innovations like Raspberry Pi, Cotton Candy and more!

Beyond all that, we work together to build and launch cutting edge tech products. Launch into the real world and learn from real life scenarios.

We have seasoned and experienced innovators on hand to work with you. If you ever wish to become an innovator, this is for you.

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