For Global Impact


Over the last 24 months, we have trained about 1, 000 people between the ages of 18 -30 across South-Western Nigeria.

We offer some basic training for free and offer a work-and-learn programme that allows hard working goal-getters an opportunity to acquire critical skills, even if they cannot pay for it with money.

We host a wide range of events across cities, to cater for a diverse audience with varying goals.

Success Rates

More than 75% of people who complete our 3 months basic programme go on to start earning at least 6-figures from their newly acquired skillset.

Our 6 month programme has helped several Innovators focus and launch out their startup ideas much faster than they thought possible. We have a 80% success rate on this one.

Start-ups and the Innovation community

We have worked with about a dozen startups so far, based in several Nigerian cities.

Our Faculty members have also played instrumental roles in planning, seeding and nurturing Innovation communities across Nigeria. Most notably, IIS is working with partners to place cities like Ikere-Ekiti, Ado-Ekiti and Akure (All in South Western Nigeria) on the map as destinations for exciting tech innovation ideas.

Some success stories

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Paul A.
EMPOWERED ME TO MOVE FROM ZERO TO SIX-FIGURES IN LESS THAN A YEAR On my journey as a web developer, I bought courses from respectable developers so I can make money online; but I didn’t. After over a year of printing Business cards and even registering my company, I still didn’t make any money and cant even boast of even having adequate skill to build a site. However, after just a month of getting training from IIS, I got my first paying website project. Within the next six months, I got 2 six figure web development projects. Infact, I've got a job as a result of the training given me. This is why I whole-heartedly endorse the programmes. The investment of time and money that will be required from new intakes is so worth it. I must say "I learnt a lot". Thanks for your patience, friendliness and hospitality. I must confess that the months spent at IIS, Ikere-Ekiti were more pleasant and fulfilling than my five (5) years at FUTA, Akure. I might not be the greatest programmer, but I believe that I will be a great man, as I've had the opportunity to see into myself here.
Mary A.
The Community has really been of immense benefit to me. Having a mentor to put me through challenges made it super awesome. I learnt a lot and it jerked up my coding interest the more and it also put me on my learning toes. Thank you IIS.
Adekoya A.
I have always had this phobia for whatever is connected to Programming but I still had an open mind that someday I will meet with someone who will allay my fears which is exactly what this group has achieved for me. The simplicity of the materials used for learning coupled with quick response and a family like nature that's been employed to tutor me is commendable. Now am taking my frontend dev classes with enthusiasm knowing that I am in capable hands. Are you also interested in learning?... This is the right team to work with.