For Africa to become the leading source of new thinking, ideas and technological inventions that will define the 21st century.


IIS is committed to initiating, championing and implementing, in partnership with other organizations, sustainable programmes that provide leadership, inspiration and empowerment for a new generation of Africans that are interested in a deep exploration of their God-given creativity towards momentous growth and prosperity for their nation.



Here is a list of our short term goals; things we want to get done within the next 3 years.

  1. To build awareness about the need to switch to creativity in our thinking.
  2. To help develop critical thinking, complex problem solving and creativity skills in young people.
  3. To help Africans identify the need for intellectual property development and also help with the filing/enforcement of patent rights.
  4. To “motivate” young, and creative people to add PhD-level knowledge to their innate creativity.
  5. To build a PhD Advisory and Funding platform.

Here are our medium goals, we consider them as things we will get to do in the near future. We are thinking within 3 to 7 years.

  1. Champion the need for, and possibly sponsor original, long-term oriented research amongst young, creative people.
  2. Host exhibitions and conferences to showcase the latest thinking, ideas, innovation and technological breakthroughs from this part of the world.
  3. Creation of Think-Tanks around themes relevant to actualization of our vision for this century in order to help shape policy.
  4. Build Industry-focussed R & D Institutes in Nigeria and other African nations.

These is our long term goals. When we think about the things we would love to do in the long term, at least 10+ years away in the future.

  1. Build modern universities of Technology, Business, and the Arts that will rank among the top 10 institutes of learning, globally.