IIS Global is a platform for intellectual and entrepreneurial development that is raising Inventors, Scientists, Engineers, Economists, and Entrepreneurs that will take Africa to the next level.

It is quite a simple agenda: proper intellectual development so that we can make the most of our God-given Creativity.

When people come together to form a community and decide to work hand in hand on a cause they believe in, growth fosters and risk of failure is severely minimized.

Mission driven young people are constantly in search of leadership, inspiration and impartation so that they can do their best work possible. These groups of people are all in need of a community, a centre for individuals interested in a momentous growth and prosperity for their nation.

The IIS Global platform fills this gap.

Here are some scenarios that I think the platform can come in handy:

“I like to discuss big ideas with smart and thoughtful people, but most social media platforms are simply unproductive and not focused enough”

“There is information overload, how can I choose exactly what I need to read right now and apply?”

“I want to meet like-minded people that can provide support and accountability as I pursue the world-changing ideas in my spirit”

The platform will focus on providing a safe space for original knowledge, original ideas, excellent learning resources and fostering a community around our shared interest in complex problem-solving, critical thinking and a radical exploration of our creativity.


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