There has been a lot of predictions (aka prophesies) over the last twenty years that Nigeria is going to become one of the top nations of the world in this century. In fact, a January 2020 report from Newsweek boldly claims that “The world’s next superpower: Nigeria will be Africa’s first true global player – sooner than you think”.

On the one hand, we seem to believe Nigeria can become great because it aligns with our selfish thoughts, but on the other hand, we think it is impossible. It simply cannot be done.

For someone like me, I do not only believe it can be done, but I also see clearly that the key lies in creativity and inventions. Every day, I cannot stop thinking about how Nigerians can lead the world with invention and creativity, we will lead the world ONLY if we can develop new ideas, concepts and insights that are vastly superior to every other thing out there.

There is no other way. And when it comes to Nigerians outshining and outclassing ideas, concepts, frameworks and technologies from you-know-where, there is this disconnect, a great disbelief.

It looks impossible for Nigerians to succeed at that level, we do not intrinsically believe it is possible. We do not think it can be done.

However, I have thought hard about it, and I engaged knowledgeable experts in conversations around the matter and left with a deep conviction that there are no spiritual laws, physical laws, economic laws, or social laws that explicitly makes it impossible for Nigeria to become a fountain of knowledge that the world can come to drink from.

Nigeria has everything it needs – the real natural resource it needs – to lead the world and become a major source of new thinking, ideas and technological inventions that will define this century.

IIS Global is our answer to the question: “can Nigeria become the intellectual capital of the world?”


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